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Wally One Vertical Garden


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Woolly Wally Vertical Garden Pockets

Woolly Wally Pockets are felt pouches designed to hang on your wall to create an instant vertical garden.

Wally One Vertical Garden

Built to last indoors and out

Wally's work well indoors and out and are great for growing edibles such as herbs and vegetables in your kitchen and backyard. They look fantastic too and are perfect for sprucing up your fence or deck with beautiful, lush plants.

Wally One Vertical Garden

Durable, eco-friendly material

Made from made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, these sturdy pockets easy to use and can be installed almost anywhere!

Wally One Vertical Garden


You can use one pocket or a bunch of them to create a full vertical wall garden. Each one measures 15" high by 24" wide and holds 0.40 cubic feet of soil.

Wally One Vertical Garden


1. Hang Wally in a place that gets the perfect amount of sunlight for the plants that you have chosen.

2. Wally’s grommets are spaced 22” apart. Measure that distance on the Wall. Mark where the grommet holes will be.

3. Drill the holes.

4. Slide fasteners into the holes.

5. Screw Wally into the fasteners.

Wally One Vertical Garden

You can hang them almost anywhere

The options are endless: they can be used on drywall/sheetrock, brick, wood and even on chain link fences with zip ties. Fill your Wally’s with your favorite full-sized plants and high quality potting soil and you’re done!

Wally One Vertical Garden

100% Waterproof

The Wally vertical gardens have a built-in 100% waterproof and moisture-proof barrier inside that prevents your walls from getting wet.

The Wally’s are breathable at the front which allows excess moisture to evaporate from the soil and helps your plants stay healthy and thrive while eliminating the need for drainage.

Wally One Vertical Garden