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GroVert Living Wall Panel Skinny


$ 59.99 $ 49.99


Skinny GroVert Living Wall Panels

This vertical garden system was designed for landscapers, architects and DIY homeowners with its ease of use and unique adaptability.

GroVert Living Wall Panel Skinny


First, fill the planter with plants on the ground or a table and thoroughly water. Let it stay horizontal the ground for 1-2 weeks to establish roots. Next, attach the mounting bracket on a secure vertical surface. Last, lift the planter and hang it on the mounting bracket - it's that easy!

GroVert Living Wall Panel Skinny

Endless options

Skinny Groverts look great on their own or in groups. While the manufacturer doesn't make frames for the Skinny GroVert, many people make their own and they look great!

GroVert Living Wall Panel Skinny


These skinny GroVert Living Wall planters make it easy to grow succulents right on your wall. They're wider than the GroVert Vertical Wall Garden panels at 20" x 20", but skinnier with 2.5" depth which makes them perfect for succulents and other plants that do well with shallow root depths.

GroVert Living Wall Panel Skinny

Strong, eco-friendly material

These are the brand new Coco GroVert panels! Each one is infused with coconut biocomposite which makes them even stronger than the old design. Due to their solid construction, they can be planted and replanted as often as you'd like!

Grovert living wall planter with frame

Keeps your plants healthy

This living wall system sustainably manages water due in part to the water retention properties each panel has. Each cell in the panel can retain a certain amount of water while still providing good drainage and aeration for the growth medium. Water enters through the top watering chamber and spreads evenly across the back.

GroVert Living Wall Panel Skinny


The easiest way to water is to give it a spray with your hose. Alternatively, you can use a drip irrigation system to water it automatically. The last option is to take it off the mounting bracket (fast and easy) and water it on the ground. 

Unlike the regular GroVert, the Skinny GroVert has no collector tray so many people use them outdoors. You can use them indoors, however, if you build your own reservoir to collect any runoff water. 

GroVert Living Wall Panel Skinny