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How do you water the GroVert?

There are two ways to water. If you only have a few GrowVerts, or a GrowVert in a frame, we've designed an easy-to-use irrigator tank that snaps into the top of the GrowVert. You simply fill it with water and the drip holes allow water to slowly flow evenly into the planting cells. If you have mulitple planters you can run a feed line up the side of the planters and connect 1/4" drip line to it. The drip line snaps into the top of each row of GrowVerts. 2 emmitters per GrowVert is the ideal amount.


How often do you water?

This is pretty much based on the type of plant and the climate your GrowVert is in. If you have annuals on a wall facing south, you may have to water daily. If you have tropicals inside, you may only need to water once a week. There is a moisture mat in each planting cell that helps to retain and manage water.


How does it hang? 

Each GrowVert comes with a mounting strip attached to the back of the planter. Screw the bracket to the vertical surface making sure to keep level. Simply set the GrowVert on the mounting bracket and enjoy.


What can you plant in the GrowVert?

You can pretty much put any type of container-loving plant that will fit in the planting cells. We've had success with annuals, succulents, sedums, foliage, herbs, vegetables, tropicals and other small house plants.


How does it drain?

the bottom cells have drainage holes in them. This will allow excess water to release into the next planter, or drip into our collection tank. If installed outdoors, the minimal drips may not be a bother.


How do you collect the drips out of the bottom?

We've designed a collection tank that snaps into the bottom of the GroVert for single planters. The collection tank comes with the framed living wall kits. If you are purchasing mulitple planters for a sizable vertical garden, you many want to consider a custom collection area or catch basin. 


Will there be moisture issues on my wall?

No. Water will stay inside the GrowVert. However, accidents happen and spills can take place so we've added spacers on the backside of the GrowVert that will allow the wall to breathe if moisture were to get behind the planter.


How do you hang the frames?

Each frame has an L bracket on the inside of the grame that simply slides into the side slots of the GrowVert. You may choose to hang the GrowVert first then attach the frame, or you may want to plant the GrowVert with the Frame already attached. Tip: if you are planting large foliage, we recomend you attch the frame to the GroVert first to minimize plant damage.