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Trio Self-watering Sub-irrigation system


$ 349.99 $ 249.99


A Well-designed Planter

The Trio Patio Planter comes with three interchangable plant liners that allow you to pre-plant with ease, then use the liners' sturdy carrying handles to easily place them in the planter.

Plants that are not frostproof can be moved to a dry, bright location for winter months easily in their liner. The handles can be slid from view when not in use.

Lechuza Cottage Patio Planter Self-watering trellis

Easy, Convenient, Flexible

The Trio Cottage Patio Planter is a versatile planter for patios, decks and balconies.

Trio Patio Lechuza Self-watering Sub-irrigation system

Built to Last

Each Trio Cottage Patio Planter has a wicker design that is UV resistant and extremely durable. Its high quality polypropylene material stands up to frost without breaking and is impact-resistant.

Black Trio Patio Planter Self-watering Sub-irrigation system

Easy, Stress-Free Watering

Growing healthy vegetables is made easy with the included sub-irrigation system. You can water your plants by filling the reservoir and you can glance at the indicator to know when to water next. The perfect amount of water is delivered right to the roots of the plants exactly when they need it!

Lechuza Cottage Patio Planter Self-watering Sub-irrigation system


The Trio Patio Planter size of 39" W 13" D 13" H lets you create beautiful privacy screens by growing lush, tall plants. You can optionally add the trellis attachment (sold separately) to help grow climbing veggies such as beans and tomatoes.

Lechuza Cottage Trio Planter Sub-irrigation system