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26 January 2013 by Gavin Walsh

First, we want to say a big 'Thank You' to our customers! Without your support we could never have made it this far and as a result, we are proud to announce our newly designed ecommerce shop. In addition to a faster-loading and better-looking site, we've upgraded our fulfillment center so we'll be able to get your products delivered to you must faster. 

Gardening in urban spaces is becoming more and more popular and we're committed to help you add some green to your space with creative gardening products. You want planters that not only look great, but are also easy to use to keep your plants healthy. As a result, we're going to focus on two gardening gardening categories that will help you achieve a beautiful look with low maintenance: self-watering planters and vertical gardening planters. Let's add some life to your space together!

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