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Living Wall Planter


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Living Wall Planter


Living Wall Planter


Living Wall Planter


Stress Free

The Living Wall Planters breathe and allow excess moisture to evaporate or pass-through. The unique design eliminates the need for extra-drainage, even in heavy rainfall.

Living Wall Planter

Self-watering Living Wall Planter

Each planter contains a reservoir in the bottom that makes watering easy! Your plants automatically take up what they need to no more over or under watering.

Living Wall Planter


1. Attach self-watering tank to wall using included hardware. Place lid on tank.

2. Fill planter with plants and soil up to the soil level line. Hand water the top of the planter before hanging to thoroughly wet the soil. This ensures it will efficiently draw water from the reservoir in the future..

3. Hang your planter by sliding planter loops up behind and onto tank hooks. (Hint: Look down irrigation supply channel to see loops and hooks.) From now on, use watering holes for watering to fill up the reservoir.

Living Wall Planter

Easy to Maintain

Planters may be planted and replanted wherever convenient and simply brought to the installation area and quickly hung up without disrupting other planters.

Living Wall Planter


Dimensions: 13" H x 18" W x 8" D

Soil Volume: 0.50 ft3

Plant Capacity: (2) 6" plants & (1) 8" plant

Living Wall Planter

Healthy roots for healthy plants

Plants in the Living Wall Planter can air-prune and develop healthy root structure to prevent plants from becoming pot bound.

Living Wall Planter


Made from up to 100% recycled plastic (darkest colors are 100% recycled). Each planter is built with BPA-Free polyproplyene and is 100% recyclable.

Living Wall Planter