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    These GroVert Vertical Garden panels are a creative, fun way to grow plants vertically. You can hang one by itself or seamlessly combine the planters for a living wall as big as you'd like!
    Each GroVert Planter includes a moisture mat which evenly distributes water to the plant roots. Simply water from the top and the water will slowly drip through the system from one cell to the next until the entire panel is watered. You can put one GroVert Vertical Wall panel directly over top of another and the water will flow from one panel to the next to make watering easy. You can optionally hook up an automatic watering system with a drip-line.
    For a smaller number of panels where you'd like to hand-water, the optional Irrigator makes watering much easier. The Collector tray is another helpful addition for indoor living wall installs.
    The GroVert Vertical Garden dimensions are 18" high x 8.5" wide x 4"deep which is great for most types of plants. Each one includes a mounting bracket and can be hung as easily as a mirror. There's 10 cells in each GroVert Planter and each cell is designed to take a plant from a 4" pot.
    NEW!! The black GroVert panels have been completely replaced by brand new Coco Colored GroVert panels! Each one is infused with all natural coconut powder and coconut fiber. The new innovative manufacturing process makes each panel super strong while reducing its carbon footprint. The GroVert vertical garden panels are now more resilient than ever! Due to their solid construction, the GroVert living wall planters can be planted and replanted as often as you want. These panels provide a fun, easy-to-use way to grow a vertical wall garden anywhere!

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  • GroVert Vertical Garden
  • GroVert Vertical Garden
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  • GroVert Vertical Garden
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  • GroVert Vertical Garden

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