• Framed GroVert Living Wall Kit

    Bright Green

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    The Framed GroVert Living Wall kit is the perfect system to create living wall art right in your home! Once hung, you can pour water in the included irrigator at the top of the panel. This irrigator holds the water and allows it to slowly drip to the panel just below. The water will gradually filter through your vertical garden and drip into the collector tray at the bottom. The collector acts as a reservoir and is easy to add and remove.
    Each Framed GroVert Living Wall planter allows for 4″ of root depth which is great for most types of plants. The panel was engineered specifically to release water to the plants over time while providing excellent aeration for the roots.  It includes the frame, the wall mount, the GroVert vertical garden panel, an irrigator and a collector. You can choose which color frame you want above. Hanging the panel is as easy as hanging a picture and makes any space look bright cheery!
    Dimensions are: 16 x 5 x 24 Inches

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  • Framed GroVert Living Wall Kit

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